For more than 6000 years, Indigenous people from the New World have cultivated CACAO from trees initially found in the Amazon rainforest. As the key ingredient for the production of rare hot drinks, powders, and primitive forms of chocolates, the demand for these beans rapidly expanded all across the Americas. The rising value of the commodity led Aztec and Mayan civilizations to rely on CACAO as a trade currency.

With the Spaniards and Portuguese arrival to the region, CACAO production flourished further as new plantations were placed and local establishments exported the beans to Europe for consumption. But crossing the waters was no simple task.

Loaded with CACAO, cargo ships known as Galleons were slower and difficult to navigate. An easy target that Pirates couldn't ignore. As experienced sea robbers, the buccaneers attempted to steal new cargo ships and recruit people for their crew at every opportunity. Aware of the commercial risks, Governments issued Letters of Marque to the Pirates in an attempt to stop the attacks on their fleets in exchange for immunity and a share of the CACAO cargo.

The Pirate Game is a play-to-earn game that puts you at the epicenter of the Golden Age of Piracy. You can play both sides simultaneously — running your own fleet of Galleons and earning $CACAO (our official in-game currency) for your duty while also exploiting your darker, freebooter side and stealing from other cargo ships.



  • The Pirate Game is built on top of the Ethereum Blockchain. We believe it's a sustainable choice due to fair fees, interoperability, and community.
  • The first drop of Generation 0 NFTs consists of 10,000 unique characters. For whitelisted wallet addresses, the price is fixed at 0.06 ETH. For non-whitelisted wallet addresses, the price is dynamic and set by a Dutch Auction with a starting price of 0.3266 ETH. The price decreases by 0.01 ETH every 30 min until hitting the reserve price of 0.0666 ETH. Generation 1 and all subsequent NFT drops will be minted for $CACAO.
  • The Pirate Game includes four assets: Galleons, Pirates, Brics & Plantations. All of them are used to generate $CACAO through different mechanics such as staking, battles, and bets.
  • During Phase 1 (see Roadmap), players can mint (buy) Galleons and Pirates. The probability of minting such assets is 90% and 10%, respectively.
  • When Galleons are transporting cargo (staked), they generate 10,000 $CACAO a day.
  • Existing Pirates can steal new Galleons or recruit Pirates at the moment of minting. The probability of such an event happening is 10%.
  • When Galleons set on a free journey and leave the fleet (unstaking), there's a 50% chance of all accrued $CACAO being stolen by Pirates.
  • Pirates are divided by ranks. The higher the rank, the more stolen $CACAO they get and the greater the chance of being assigned hijacked assets.
  • All Pirates have the right to claim a 20% tax on the $CACAO earnings generated by staked Galleons. The tax is distributed among all staked Pirates.


Galleons are cargo ships — the most popular way to accumulate $CACAO. The chance of minting a Galleon is 90%. By minting multiple Galleons, you can set up your fleet and become a true king of the $CACAO trade. But careful, Pirates will try stealing your ship right at minting and succeed 10% of the time.

Galleons Actions

Sailing the seasStakeEach day, a single Galleon generates 10,000 $CACAO (prorated to the second).
Unloading $CACAOClaimReceive 80% of $CACAO on your Galleon. The remaining goes to Pirates.
Leaving fleetUnstakeThere’s 50% probability that you keep all the accumulated $CACAO or that it’s stolen and allocated to all staked game Pirates. Unstaking is possible only if the ship is Loaded with 20000 $cacao


These thieves and smugglers are very rare — there’s only a 10% chance to get hold of one. Once in a player’s deck, the sea robbers can prove an incredibly profitable addition. With direct support from Governments, Pirates have a right to take a 20% share of $CACAO collected by Galleons.

The Buccaneers don’t have an equal experience. Some of them have been navigating deep waters for decades and their status calls for a bigger share of taxes. The higher their rank, the higher their $CACAO share and the greater the chances of stealing newly minted Galleons or Pirates.

Pirate Actions

Going for the lootStakeDivide the 20% tax from all staked Galleons among all fellow Pirates.
Collecting taxesClaimGet all the $CACAO taxes earned by the staked Pirate.
Trading sidesUnstakeGet all the $CACAO taxes earned by the staked Pirate.

Pirate Ranks

Pirate CaptainAll staked Pirate Captain get 31% of all $CACAO taxes. Each Pirate Admiral gets an even share.
Pirate QuartermasterAll staked Pirate Quartermaster get 27% of all $CACAO taxes. Each Pirate Captain gets an even share.
Pirate MateAll staked Pirate Mate get 23% of all $CACAO taxes. Each Pirate Lieutenant gets an even share.
Pirate BosunAll staked Pirate Bosun get 19% of all $CACAO taxes. Each Pirate Lieutenant gets an even share.


The first drop of 10,000 NFT assets (Galleons & Pirates) is minted for $ETH. All the subsequent Generations for these assets and those specified in Phase 2 are minted for $CACAO. The total cost of minting for GEN 1 is 1,800,000,000 $CACAO. The minting of Generation 0 & Generation 1 is structured as follows:

Minting - Galleons & Pirates

01 - 10,000$ETHWL: 0.06
NON WL: Dutch Auction from 0.3266 to 0.0666
110,001 - 20,000$CACAO20000GALLEONS & PIRATES
120,001 - 40,000$CACAO40000GALLEONS & PIRATES
140,001 - 50,000$CACAO80000GALLEONS & PIRATES


The Pirate Game runs on $CACAO. Players can collect the in-game currency through a combination of passive and active game mechanics, including staking and battling. Strategy is also a key component that affects players’ capacity to earn $CACAO.

Expanding the Galleons fleet, the Pirate crew, adquiring plantations, breeding assets, and engaging in sea combats and getting hold of powerful armoury are all vital decisions that will reflect on the players’ $CACAO balances.

Token distribution

$CACAO Total supply5,000,000,000
$CACAO Staking Rewards2,400,000,000
$CACAO Community Rewards2,000,000,000
$CACAO for Development600,000,000
Coming Soon

Whitepaper 2.0

In the upcoming WP 2.0, you will find more details on the following:

  • Brigs: battleships that escort and secure your $CACAO cargo
  • Plantations: land for purchase that increases your $CACAO income
  • Artillery: add-on weapons to increase your chances of winning battles
  • Minting of new asset categories (Brigs & Plantations)
  • New game mechanics: breeding & battle system

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